Harvest Hills is a bakery on the Brigham Yound University-Idaho campus. This hypthethical rebranding was done in hopes to show what might be done to increase patronage to the bakery. 
The old brand didn't do the bakery justice, and frankly wasn't helping to bring in more customers. I wanted to give the bakery a fresh, modern look while keeping with the wheat theme that most bakeries have. The logo was meant to be used either as the full logo pictured above, or just the H's as shown on the t-shirt below.
This is an example of what the new uniform would look like. I wanted to design a uniform that  the employees would enjoy wearing, and something they might consider wearing outside of work. These shirst would also be available for purchase by customers.
The boxes and menus, and most other collateral would be printed on recycled cardboard. Along with the new, more modern feel to the brand, I wanted to convey a feeling of a "green" business. Besides being eco-friendly, the new boxes and menus go perfectly with the new color scheme.
Harvest Hill Bakery was rebranded to make it a more successful business. The new logo and collateral would help to accomplish this goalRedesigning this company's image gave me a good idea of how things are done in the real world; especially if I were to do a freelance rebranding of a company. If I were to do it again, I definitely would have physically built the boxe, and maybe would have screen printed a shirt or two.
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