How to Cope with Anxiety (pet project)

Editorial layout design based on photographs of a jump rope taken by me. After taking photos all semester long, I noticed that knots were becoming a theme, and that anxiety is often like knots. I felt that the rope was a great representation of how we feel when experiencing anxiety, but also how it feels to let go of the tension.

This was one of the final projects of my college career. At the beginning of the semester we chose a "pet", an inanimate object that we were to photograph many times a week. We were to then find a pattern or theme in the photographs and then find an article that worked with the theme and design a booklet around those two things.
I also used the colors blue and yellow to represent tension/anxiety and relief. I took a survey and found that most people find yellow to be more anxiety producing than blue. I felt that the visual helped produce the feelings I wanted throughout the booklet.
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